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Established in 2017, Vantage Point Asset Management is a leading asset management firm providing investment management, risk management, private credit and hedging solutions to institutional and accredited investors. We offer a range of solutions – from macro-focused strategies to rigorous fundamental and quantitative approaches. Our team, with an average of 20+ years of experience, has the capabilities to tailor strategies and solutions to the full spectrum of client needs. Vantage Point holds a Capital Markets Service License (“CMS”) and is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (“MAS).

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About Us
Vantage Point Asset Management Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based alternative asset management company established by Nick Ferres and Paul Thomas.

Since the successful launch of the macro focused fund, the Firm has leveraged its existing institutional grade platform to capture cross asset opportunities in strategic areas such as Emerging Market FX and Private Credit.

VPAM is focussed on Fund Management and also accessing third party capital to provide innovative financial solutions to VPAM’s clients. This Solutions business also relies on VPAM’s expertise in risk management to generate seamless solutions across both asset and liability requirements for clients.

VPAM’s strength is in its partners, who are highly experienced, having worked in top tier financial institutions with complementary skill sets. This in combination with a impact making advisory team and supported by best in class fund infrastructure and administration, is poised to make it a successful franchise for our investors and shareholders

Our Philosophy
Vantage Point's approach to portfolio management is behavioural in nature, and not dependent upon an information edge. As a result, Vantage Point deliberately avoids making predictions or forecasts.

The core components of the investment strategy allocate across geographies and asset classes as risk premia expands or contracts. Specifically, Vantage Point seeks to take on expanded risk premium when price has shifted rapidly, and is inconsistent with fundamentals.

Importantly, capital allocation is guided by a robust framework to help identify and take advantage of valuation anomalies. In addition to seeking to exploit episodic opportunities, Vantage Point will invest in (or short) a range of high (or low) real yielding assets as well as trade volatility.

Mission Statement

VPAM will continue to attract, retain and develop the highest caliber professionals within a disciplined professional and diverse culture with a focus on developing local Asian based talent.

Through our core values, our people will grow with our firm and investors

Vision Statement

To deliver strong investment solutions for investors from our core behavioral macro strategies to bespoke investment solutions/strategies while embracing technology through inhouse systematic strategy buildouts and joint ventures across artificial intelligence.

Core Values
  • Investor Aligned
  • Disciplined
  • Agile
  • Innovative
  • Transparent

Global Macro Fund

The Vantage Point Global Macro Fund launched on 2 May 2018. The objective of the Vantage Point Global Macro Fund is to generate high risk-adjusted returns, while reducing the risk of permanent loss of capital.

The core components of the Fund’s investment strategy are: return and carry and behavioural price episodes. The fund allocates across geographies and asset classes as risk premia expands or contracts. Specifically, the Fund seeks to take on expanded risk premium when price has shifted rapidly and is inconsistent with fundamentals.

The Fund achieves exposure primarily through exchange traded funds, index futures, equity sector baskets, swaps, options, FX and FX derivatives, each of which are traded through recognised exchanges or via the over-the-counter markets.


Australian Macro Fund

The Vantage Point Australian Macro Fund is an Australian Unit Trust. This fund is an absolute return cross-asset fund designed to take advantage of short term and long term macro themes in the Australian asset markets.

Australia has been one of the best returning equity markets over the long run. Australia is now one of the highest yielding, in part due to its high (tax-advantaged) pay out ratio. Australian fixed income, credit and real estate markets have also delivered high returns over the long run. Strong institutions, rule of law and property rights are integral to Australia’s outperformance.

Australia is also uniquely positioned in Asia Pacific and is closely connected to its major trading partners in Asia via exports of a diverse range of commodities and natural resources. Australia is among the largest suppliers in the world of a range of key raw materials. As a result, the economy, asset markets and currency are also closely levered and correlated to the region, particularly China. That presents attractive macro opportunities across Australia’s major trading partners that influence the Australian Economy.

Natural Resource Private Credit Fund

The Vantage Point Natural Resources Private Credit Fund is the fourth feeder fund under VPAM. The fund focusses on direct lending transactions in the natural resources space to enable income generation & capital preservation.

The strategy is anchored around primary deal origination in the Asia Pacific Region, an area where there is a tremendous requirement for financing primarily in the natural resources space. A careful selection of deals will ensure portfolio diversification across countries, sectors, and investment types.

The Vantage Point Natural Resources Team maintains strong relationships with key market participants such as investment and commercial banks, insurance, and trade houses along with extensive corporate relationships allowing optimized deal origination and co-investment opportunities.

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Our Team

Michael Fowler

Andrew Coloretti

Michael Birch

David Tice

Colin Mullins

Group Chief Executive Officer

Nicholas Ferres

Chief Investment Officer, Lead Portfolio Manager

Donald Ellett

Credit Risk Officer

Paul Thomas


Chris Colman

Senior Portfolio Manager

Shaun Khoo


Glenn Goh

Operations Manager

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